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Graduate careers in accountancy

All September start date roles closing on 2nd July


Application process

BDO is a strikingly different business, one focused on exceptional client service. So we’re looking for strikingly different people – in fact as diverse as our clients. Whatever your background, you could be absolutely right for BDO.

Our strengths-based recruitment process gives you the opportunity to tell us about yourself. We are interested in what you do well and what you enjoy doing. Before you apply to BDO we recommend that you take the time to learn more about us, the roles available and whether you are likely to thrive within this roles at BDO. To support you in doing so we recommend visiting where you can learn more about strengths-based recruitment, your personal strengths and complete practice tests.

In this section of our careers site – you’ll find a stage-by-stage guide to the application process (with plenty of advice), and the answers to questions asked by many graduates before you.

Academic entry requirements

This year we are excited to open our applicant pool and invite a greater variety of individuals to apply to BDO. Therefore, in order to apply for our graduate programme, you need to have at least the following:

  • a 2:2 degree in any discipline (obtained or predicted).
  • 3 A levels or equivalent at A*-C (excluding General Studies and Extended Projects) (obtained or predicted).
  • grade A*-C in Maths and English at GCSE/Scottish Standards or equivalent.

We will also consider qualifications from outside the UK.

Key Competency requirements

We know that the following behaviors are critical to being a successful graduate or school leaver at BDO. These are the things which matter to our clients and will support your on-going success. If these sound like the things you are capable of doing and energised by please head to our application page as we’d love to hear from you.

Business Thinking

We are proud to differ from our competitors so it’s important to us that our employees value the same thing as us, with a passion for BDO and what we stand for. Our employees are curious to learn more about what we do and how their role is related to the business. We’ll expect you to be aware of the operational management and commercial profit of BDO, by learning how the business works.


As we work with a range of individuals both within our organisation and across our clients it’s important to be a clear and effective communicator. You should be able to present your ideas in a credible way and be professional, taking enjoyment from sharing your messages with others.

Decision Making

We use our intuition and reasoned processes to ensure that the decisions we make are well thought through and will meet key objectives. To succeed at BDO you should love to analyse and interpret problems, considering all options before making a decision. As well as making effective decisions, we work to agreed timeframes which need to be met through an effective and monitored approach.

Developing Self and Others

With a lot to learn at BDO as you work towards professional qualifications, our great employees are energised by their own improvement, proactively seeking ways to develop their knowledge to reach full potential. We also think it is important to recognise the contribution of those around you. Therefore, it is crucial that you work inclusively with all of your colleagues, valuing each person’s input and being respectful of their views.


When working at BDO you should be motivated to achieve great results by working in a team, using the expertise of those around you and building fantastic networks. You should also collaborate with your customers, whether these be external or colleagues within BDO, taking ownership of their issues and consistently provide excellent service.

Innovating and Change

This is all about being able to see what isn’t working and finding ways to make it better. You should be able to take the initiative and strive to continuously improve things. At BDO you will also need to be able to work in complex, ambiguous environments. You should be able to remain positive in these situations and be able to adapt and overcome any challenge you face.